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AKECH 2018 : The Annual Kurultai of the Endangered Cultural Heritage

The 1st Annual Kurultai of the Endangered Cultural Heritage commemorates the two millennia since the death of exiled poet Ovid here in the ancient city of Tomis where the poet wrote his verse in the vernacular. The Kurultai also includes plenary sessions, workshops and roundtable discussions, and other events. AKECH 2018 will be preceded by the Festival of the Endangered Cultural Heritage, FECH 2018, which will take place between July 1 and July 4. AKECH will be succeeded by ALECLA 2018. Objective: The Kurultai is organized in the spirit of communion, as this is an imperative time for international scholars, independent researchers, artists, and activists to fear the potential disappearance of our cultural heritage and to engage in shared dialogues towards generating world-changing impact and a better future. We believe we can better understand different habits of mind when we immerse ourselves into different perspectives and unique approaches. We imagine a rich future rooted in a better understanding of our intricate history and in a multitudinous cultural present. At AKECH 2018 we encourage sessions within and across a variety of disciplines and theoretical perspectives. Conference Language: While the plenary sessions will be held in English, panels can be held either in English, Romanian or Tatar (or its related Central Asian languages). Structure: AKECH 2018 seminars are organized by individual members around topics of their own choosing. Most papers are grouped into twelve-person seminars that meet two hours per day for three days of the lecture to foster extended discussion. Some eight-person (or smaller) seminars meet just the first two days of the lecture. Depending on space availability, we may also consider accepting a limited number of one-day seminars, especially if they are innovative either in presentation format or in terms of theme. Important Dates: Seminar Abstracts: 2017-11-12; Poster Abstracts: 2017-12-10; Paper Abstracts: 2017-12-10; Seminar Roster Proposal: 2017-12-17;

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