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CONF: Jewellery Matters. Context and Material Research (Amsterdam, 15-17 Nov 17)

From: Suzanne van Leeuwen <> Date: Oct 20, 2017 Subject: CONF: Jewellery Matters. Context and Material Research (Amsterdam, 15-17 Nov 17) Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Auditorium, Museumstraat 1, 1071 Amsterdam, November 15 - 17, 2017 Symposium Jewellery Matters – Context and Material Research On 15, 16 and 17 November 2017 the Rijksmuseum will organise the international symposium Jewellery Matters. Context and Material Research. This symposium is organized on the occasion of the publication Jewellery Matters (Rijksmuseum/Nai010 publishers – Summer 2017). In this richly illustrated book, art historian and design expert Marjan Unger offers a theoretical and multidisciplinary framework for the study of jewellery. The symposium addresses some important topics presented in the book. One of these topics, Jewellery and Fashion, will be the highlight during the evening program on November 15th. About the book Its history is long: jewellery is worn worldwide and has an endless variety of forms and meanings. But the fundamental question of why people wear it is rarely addressed. By giving an answer to the question ‘why jewellery matters’, Marjan Unger develops a set of standards that can serve as a model for the study of jewellery with new impetus and appreciation. About the symposium Speakers from different fields within the jewellery world will be invited to present on two main topics. In general, the first day of the symposium will focus on jewellery in context. We will look at jewellery from the perspective of the visual arts, from a sociological point of view and discuss the way in which appreciation of heritage is translated in today’s jewellery business. The second day will address the use and study of materials. How does material research aid in the identification, dating and provenancing of pieces of (historical) jewellery? How do we deal with material coming from endangered species? How are cutting-edge developments in materials and techniques incorporated into student training programs in various institutions? Program Wednesday 15 November 19.30-20.00 Reception 20.00-20.05 Welcome by Hendrikje Crebolder 20.05-21.00 ‘Jewellery is my Family’ Special guest: Victoire de Castellane (Creative Director Dior Fine Jewellery, Paris) interviewed by John de Greef (Elsevier Magazine, Amsterdam) 21.00-22.30 A selection of work by Victoire de Castellane will be on show in the Atrium of the Rijksmuseum. The Tiffany and Co. Foundation Jewellery Gallery in the Rijksmuseum Special collections will be open to visit. Drinks and bites will be served. Thursday 16 November – Jewellery in Context Moderator: Dr. Marjan Unger Art historian and design expert, Bussum 09.00-09.30 Registration and coffee 09.30-09.40 Welcome Hendrikje Crebolder - Director of Development & Media, Rijksmuseum 09.40-09.50 The Rijksmuseum Jewellery Collection and Jewellery Matters Suzanne van Leeuwen – Junior Curator and Conservator of Jewellery, Rijksmuseum 09.50-10.20 Key note lecture – Jewellery Matters: Context Cornelie Holzach - Director Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim Session 1: Jewellery: Visual Sources 10.20-10.40 Bow Jewels from the Golden Age Monique Rakhorst MA - Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 10.40-11.00 Visible and invisible jewels: portraits and the Cheapside Hoard Hazel Forsyth - Senior Curator of Medieval and Post-Medieval Collections, Museum of London 11.00-11.15 Discussion and questions Session 2 Jewellery: Company Heritage 11.15-11.35 Defining the Meaning of “Masterpiece” – Building the Tiffany & Co. Archives Collection Annamarie Sandecki MA - Corporate Archivist, Tiffany & Co. Archives, New Jersey 11.35-11.55 Royal Splendors’ Exodus to America: Tiffany & Co., the French Crown Jewels and American Patrons Amy Mchugh MA - Assistant Curator, Tiffany & Co. Archives, New Jersey 11.55-12.15 Why I started collecting Steltman jewellery and silverware Fred Brom FGA - Managing Director Steltman, The Haque 12.15-12.30 Discussion and questions 12.30-13.45 Lunch Session 3 Jewellery: Media and Fashion 13.45-14.05 Pitch: Jewelry as Narrative: Learning Sentimentality Through Film, Literature, and Other Media Levi Higgs - Archivist and Social Media Manager, David Webb, New York Pitch: Dr Fritz Mannheimer and his jewellery collection Merel van Erp - Academic assistant, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Pitch: A Semi- Literary Explanation for the Emotional Value of Jewelry Sondra Sherman - Associate Professor, Program Head, Jewelry and Metalwork, San Diego State University, California 14.05-14.25 Buckle & button up! Bianca du Mortier - Curator of Costume, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 14.25-14.45 Adorning Fashion Deanna Farneti Cera - Independent Fashion Jewellery Historian, Milan 14.45-15.05 Italian Fashion meets Jewellery Dr. Alba Cappellieri – The Milan Polytechnic University / The Vicenza Museum of Jewelley, Milan and Vicenza, Italy 15.05-15.15 Discussion and questions 15.15-15.45 Coffee and tea Session 4 Jewellery: Global and Local 15.45-16. 15 Pitch: Offering jewellery to the ones who cannot wear it: Burying the dead with jewellery, adorning icons with jewellery in contemporary Greece. Loukia Richards - Artist and curator, Hamburg Pitch: Human hair and jewellery; an emotional history Sophie van Gulick - Jewellery historian, Amsterdam Pitch: Past/Memory, Present/Record, Future/Potential - Jewellery and Migration. Kerianne Quick - Assistant professor Jewelry + Metal, San Diego State University, California Pitch: Makers Move – ‘a medium of exchange’ Gitte Nygaard - Artist, Amsterdam 16.15-16.35 (title to be confirmed) Corinna Gardner MA - Senior Curator of Design and Digital, Victoria and Albert Museum, London 16.35-17.00 Discussion (end of day) 17.00-17.45 Drinks 18.00 Museum closes Friday 17 November – Jewellery Matters: Materials and Research Moderator: Prof. Dr. Andrew Morrall Professor and Chair of Academic Programs, Bard Graduate Centre, New York 09.00-09.45 Coffee 09.45-09.50 Welcome Dr. Robert van Langh - Head of Conservation and Restoration, Rijksmuseum 09.50-10.20 Key note lecture – Context and Creativity Dr. Jack Ogden FGA - Consultant Jewellery Historian, London Session 1 Jewellery: Gemstones 10.20-10.40 Are diamonds for ever? An update on the formation of terrestrial diamonds. Prof. Dr. Gareth Davies - Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (FALW), Free University, Amsterdam 10.40-11.00 (title to be confirmed) Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki FGA - Director of the Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF), Basel 11.00 11.25 Pitch: Jewellery attitude as a way of looking at the world Sae Honda, Artist, Amsterdam/Tokio Pitch: Beyond the material: the implications of cultural value and superstition of jade Davina Kuh Jakobi MSc, Junior Conservator of Ship and Scale Models, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Pitch: Gemstones from the jewelry collection of Paulista Museum Valesca H. Santini, Collection Documentation Specialist, Museum Paulista, São Paulo 11.25-11.40 Discussion and questions Session 2 Jewellery: Endangered Species 11.40-12.00 Ivory, Coral and Tortoiseshell – Past Uses and Present Emotions Maggie Campbell Pedersen FGA - Gem-A President and organics expert, London 12.00-12.20 (title to be confirmed) Bart Langeveld - Customs expert, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, The Hague 12.20-12.30 Discussion and questions 12.30-13.45 Lunch Session 3 Jewellery: Research and Art Conservation 13.45-14.05 Pitch: The Physical and Psychological Properties of Materials Evert Nijland - Artist and teacher, Amsterdam/Artiges Pitch: The use of organic material in contemporary jewellery; how changes in the material can change the meaning of the work Astrid Ubbink MA - Gallery assistant Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen Pitch: The imitation game: conservation of gelatin-coated glass on a hip corsage Marjolein Koek MA - Junior conservator of Textiles, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 14.05-14.25 Appraisal of a Belle Epoque Collection Thijs Boers – Curator, Amsterdam Museum 14.25-14.45 (title to be confirmed) Suzan de Groot - Cultural Heritage Agency, Amsterdam 14.45-15.00 Discussion and questions 15.00-15.30 Coffee and tea Session 4 Jewellery: Innovation and Education 15.30-15.50 Pitch: But if the Crime is Beautiful... Lauren Kalman - Artist, Detroit Pitch: Materials in the Anthropocene. You have entered a new material epoch Evelien Bracke - Curator, Antwerp Pitch: Idea as a material Urmas Lüüs - Artist, Haapsalu 15.50-16.10 (title to be confirmed) Simon Fraser - Course Director, MA Design, Central Saint Martins, London 16.10-16.30 ROCKSTARS from Idar-Oberstein – the Bachelor and Master studies in Gemstones and Jewellery Prof. Theo Smeets - Jewellery and Object Design, University of Applied Science, Trier 16.30-17.00 Discussion and closing remarks 17.00 End of symposium 18.00 Museum closes The program is available online on the symposium website: Reference / Quellennachweis: CONF: Jewellery Matters. Context and Material Research (Amsterdam, 15-17 Nov 17). 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